Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Just to remind people...

... particularly my many cis feminist friends. that there are some really unpleasant transphobes out there and WE ARE NOT MAKING IT UP, here's a couple of supposedly feminist sites. They are more likely to trigger a mixture of rage and pity than actual pain, but I went there, following those gallant explorers docbrite and greygirlbeast to whom thanks so other trans people don't have to: one which is just a bunch of haters and their friends and this one which at least has some dissenting voices.

Given this, do people now understand why a lot of us feel uneasy on eg Reclaim the Night marches, where the woman standing next to us might be what someone has usefully called Schrodinger's Transphobe, the person you only know hates you when they suddenly start screaming in your face?

The people who write these blogs doubtless think that Julie Bindel is a trans-loving liberal and Janice Raymond too soft; the women on Aroo specifically refuse to mourn murdered trans women on the grounds that 1, "proper" women are killed every day and 2. we aren't women so why should they care? They also don't like trans men very much.

Never mind, they are the sort of people so full of bile that they fall out with each other, and then with themselves.
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