Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

So very weird to have enjoyed this...

And in the end, it wasn't Malibu Barbie or the Lips of Soho or the Dodgy Politician or the Ryan Philippe Clone or even the Nice Sensible Welshman. It was the People's Princess. Omigod! Omigod!

And the importantly bizarre thing is that Chantelle won Celebrity Big Brother by a staggering 56% of the popular vote. Which means she has more of a mandate than Tony Blair or George Bush Jr. or the Queen.

Will success change her? It had better - she is a worrying indication of the failure of the education system in that she does not know what a gynaecologist is, was not sure of the difference between capitalism and communism and was only just sure that Hitler was dead. She needs to know more in order to be safe out.

We were arguing, my sweetie and I, about how good an advertisement for feminism she was. And yes, there is the mincing and the hair-fiddling and the constant giggling. On the other hand, she is a classic example of someone who owns themself no matter how short the skirt she is wearing. It really did not matter that she was kind of echoing a comedienne when Dennis Rodman sneered at her that she was not good enough to interest him and she looked at him with scorn and said 'Do you think I'm bothered?' because she really meant it from the heart.

I think that was the moment when I gave up and started loving her, that and the moment when she appeared in the doorway at the end, gawky as a foal.

And she is the People's Princess, the real one. And has more sense than the other one ever had, even if no greater a brain.

I wonder how we will remember this moment in a decade's time, if at all, and whether her story will be a tragedy or a happy story, or just something that begins and ends here.

I was also quite moved about Barrymore - I don't know whether he was ever guilty or innocent, and I don't think anyone else knows, including him, at least by now. He was genuinely naked and touching over the last few days, and did not always behave well, especially to the unfortunate Jodie. You always knew that sooner or later he would talk about 'this business we call show' because he is the sort of all-round entertainer who cannot resist giving it that phony dignity. In the end, though, he seems to have got his second act, even if there is a trial coming up via private prosecution - the crowd genuinely loved him, or so it seemed, which is not what one would have expected after his trial by tabloid. It remains to be seen what happens in the tabloids over the weekend - it seems unlikely that they won't try to claw the hatred back...
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