Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I've been reading a bunch of entries from three years ago, and reflecting that I was fundamentally a more cheerful person back then. Not because my life was going particularly better, or because I was not in despair about the war, but just I was not feeling so worn by circumstance.

On the other hand, cheerfulness keeps creeping in - Second Ray has turned up in the great Due South reshowing on ITV4 and, in Eastenders, Sonia has decided that she would rather be a dyke than a Fowler, which is a good call.

And two old betrayers are having a bad time - I got to watch Fi McTaggart being grilled about the Home Office's refusal to provide crim comp to people injured by terrorists abroad and looking very shifty about the letter from a minion suggesting that they sue Al'Quaeda. And John Wadham, as head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is going to have to look at the Ian Blair taped conversations issue when he is probably one of the people Ian Blair taped.

(These two were my colleagues and close working colleagues at that, back in Liberty days. And they both sold out and became New Labour hacks and part of the process was using my gender and sexuality issues against me to ensure that another NLH won the election for chair. And look, they won all this power and influence as their reward for betraying me.

I would not be human if I did not enjoy watching it turn to wormwood in their mouths.

The same goes for senior civil servant Sir John Gieve, who, along with his wife, were two of the only three closish friends who dropped me when I transitioned. And has had a bad couple of years, what with Blunkett and everything.

Consider me to be going Bwahaha.)

So clearly not that mis after all.

Also, amazingly cool thing. Have spotted the moment in Alan Davis's Excalibur 50 where Kitty, Kurt, Meggan and the rest unite into one colossal being with all their powers - more evidence for Joss the comics geek that I can use in my paper at Slayage. Only with a visual aid....

And I have had a really good idea for a - not sure if it is a novel or a screenplay - or whether, not being American, I can write it myself...It is to do with Vanity Fair, is all I'm saying.
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