Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Dogs that haven't barked

I have been thinking some more about the Loans for Peerages scandal and there is an interesting silence
on the part of the Rt. Hon Gordon Brown.

My suspicion, for which I have no grounds save creative instinct, is that he arranged not to know, that he averted his gaze from what Blair was doing on this one.

His fingers are not all over it; he can say he didn't know, or rather can choose not to say that, but in a way that implies he didn't but is being loyal to the last; and finally Blair has boxed himself into a corner where Brown can wait for someone else to stick the knife in, and emerge as leader without Blair's blood on his hands.

That is what I would have done in his shoes, anyway.

The only trouble with this theory is that Blair has lumbered the Party with debts it is going to have trouble paying. People angry about not getting their peerages are going to want their loans back, and are not going to be good sports about this.

And I have to ask, where did the money go? And how did it stay off the radar as far as the party treasurer knew, and how did people not notice it being spent?

I am assuming in all of this that Blair is not personally corrupt, because I would find that hard to believe. His corruption is of a different kind, where he assumes he has a right to be looked after by the world when he stops being PM by getting big bucks for memoirs and lecture tours and some posh international jon. Whereas he should sit in a cell at the Hague. And argue his virtue in a court of law.

But where is the money? We need a Greg Palast on this one.
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