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One of the things I knew I was going to look forward to at the L&G film festival was 'Screaming Queens' which is a film co-directed by my friend, the excellent Susan Stryker, based on work she has been doing academically. Susan used to run the LGB&T archive in SF and one of the weird things about watching the film was watching her lope round an office where I have seen her be in real life. (And I helped out a bit and organized the contents of various boxes, which is why, when I eventually saw the documentary about the Cockettes, I squeed aloud because there on screen were fanzines and theatre programmes I had personally filed.)

Susan's film is about the riot against police raids of a cafe where transwomen and transmen and hustlers and whores used to hang out. Sounds familiar? We all know about Stonewall, right, except that this was three years earlier in San Francisco in 1966. Essentially, the reason we never hear about it, is that the police backed down and changed their policies.

Like a lot of Susan's work on the oral history of the trans community in the 60s and early 70s, this had people in it that I've met, or more usually heard about from my former flatmate Susanna, who got there a few years later and was protegee to some of these women and their friends.

Oh, and after talking to Susan about this aspect of the situation, I dumped 'Tiny Pieces of Skull' into her intray, because, whatever its merits as literature, my unpublished novel is a document of trans life in Chicago in the late 70s. And as such now modern history.

Which is scary


And I saw 'The Wolves in the Walls' and saw it with my composer friend Errollynn who liked the words better than the music, not even knowing that that was what she was supposed to say. Mind you, she liked quite a lot of the music too - there is a nifty little fugue at one point and a tuba concerto.

It has quite a lot of material added - Neil wrote a bunch of songs for it including one that retroactively justifies all the time he used to spend playing Prince of Persia. And I may well be the only person who knew that.

I chatted to him, and said yes, it was very good. We talked about the puppeteers/screen-shifters who play the wolves, and I reminded him about the Gene Wolfe story that talks about agreeing not to see the puppeteers. Neil had forgotten it - which is another piece of paraphrazi for you thesis-writers.
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