Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Things on Sunday

To begin with, I am utterly appalled by the idea that Jack Straw was sacked as insufficiently servile to White House policy. I don't know where to begin - this is a guy who was complicit in declaring war on a false prospectus about WMDs, and has done nothing but defend the alliance with the US down the way. Up to Iran, where some vestige of common sense crept in, and he ruled out military action.

I sort of hope that any neo-cons who are hoping for even greater levels of kowtowing from Margaret Beckett will be disappointed. She is not obviously that kind of woman. A lot of us voted for her as Labour leader back in Opposition, and not just to stop Blair and Prescott.


Everyone has squeed about the elephant. Can I just say, me too? What little I saw of it was awesome and touching and cute.

Twenty episodes into Veronica Mars Season Two and we have no idea whodunit.


So very tired that I have no energy for the Dr Who plot hole, and what might be made of it, and Silent Hill, which is an awful lot better than most people say. More tomorrow.
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