Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Just so everyone knows

One of the problems with LJ is that it can get all too much like a schoolyard in which mobbing behaviour becomes endemic. Right now, but intermittently for a long time, a variety of people, many of them anonymous, have been picking on my close friend jennyo and I am registering a protest about this.

jennyo is loud and obnoxious and has strong opinions, not all of them right - we started our friendship with a huge row about stuff she had written about boomers, and me pointing out that some boomers (eg myself) never sold out or bought in, and stayed true to the class of 68 mission statement. Part of her persona is that she goes over the top and keeps going, and often, in the process, she touches on uncomfortable truth.

The bottom line is that she is a good, strong, smart and deeply vulnerable person whose friends value her highly, both for the loudmouth side and for all that goes with it. She is one of the most intellectually generous people I know - part of the point of our friendship is that we give each other ideas and work together well. She has a good heart and is almost without malice. She also writes, at her best, some of the hottest, smartest smut around, and is as good at het as she is at ff, so it is not just that she presses my kinks. She is fun to be around, and fun to mock gently.

The idea that she is some kind of weirdass dominatrix who addicts pitiful minions to her smut and then sends us out to dittohead her opinions is ridiculous. If you actually look at her close friends, many of us are in fandoms she dislikes or mocks or ignores; every so often, one of us successfully persuades her that she needs to try something and she does. bluehyacinth turned Jen, and indeed me, on to 'Big Love'; I infected Jen with 'Nip/Tuck'.

So, anonymous detractors out there, Jen has friends and we WILL defend her.

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