Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Now that's more like it...

I was stuck at home until 6 this evening and saw no point in going out after that - on the other hand, I now more or less have kitchen units installed and tomorrow the washing machine will be plumbed back in for good. I find myself hacking at all the sawdust I have to clean up, but in the third week of the renovations I am starting to feel that one day all this might actually end.

I got a couple of reports written, but the noise of sawing and hammering made concentration impossible, leaving me playing Civ which needs comparatively little of my brain. And then, after a brief moment of tension when it was mooted that the sub-contractors couldn't connect the kitchen sink up tonight - I produce the piece of paper which says they had to and suggested that, if the plumber was sick, they find another plumber - or else - I found myself suddenly in the mood to work.

And I sat down with what I have already done on the Alias chapter, -the comic, not the spy show - and decided that I needed to head it up with an explanation of why I was using it as one of my template single superhero runs, and put it in the context of Brian Michael Bendis' career. And suddenly, in thirtyfive minutes, I had a thousand solidly written, succinct, well-researched words.

I am working on this book in dribs and drabs, because it is still taking shape in my head and there will be a lot of cutting and pasting as it comes together. But I am starting to think that The Freedom of Power may not be the worst of my books.

In spite of renovations going on round it.
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