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Oh, look. A WhoFic. Tylers don't lose

Well, that was odd. I haven't written fiction for such a long time and suddenly it is the displacement activity from the superheroes book.

But I can afford the odd evening off.

And this is strange and creepy and I think the voice works.


Well, obviously I went to Norway.

Because there was a chance. Thin chance, but he taught me to play the odds.

That was just one of the things he taught me.

He told me so many things I'd never heard before.

And, well, light of a dying sun, sending his last words to me. Pretty incredible, that.

A thought to keep a girl warm on long winter nights, but there are other thoughts, right.

And other ways to keep warm.

Because you play the odds, especially if you know the form book.

It's not cheating, not really.

If you don't see how to win, you change the rules of the game.

He taught me that as well, or maybe I taught him...

He didn't let me die, and I didn't let him die, and neither of us let the world die.

I'm Rose Tyler.

I hot-wired a TARDIS.

I turned the Emperor Dalek to dust.

I saved the world.


We sent them all to Hell.

And I died.

Only Pete saved me.

Pete, my dead father.

Because you play the game, and you play the odds, and you change the rules.

And you don't lose.

Because he never loses, and Tylers don't lose either.

Jackie and Pete and my kid sister, what were the odds against that?

Odds against Mickey and Jake, come to that

Because I'd have thought, never, but that was before I learned to figure odds.

And Jake is so sweet and so tough. And blond.

Almost like me.

Pretty soon, Jake and I had that little chat, when Mickey was out getting pizza.


And sometimes we laugh at him.

Because he is Mickey and funny and we love him.

And I never wanted him back and I wanted him to be happy and it's all for the best.

Tylers don't lose, and Tylers don't settle.

What we do is learn.

Jackie learned to be rich, and learned what to say when Pete cried in the night for the other woman that was always there and always almost her.

She even learned to love the dog, but she calls it yappy thing, because she can't call it Rose.

I learned too, because I had to.

Torchwood needed me, because I know more about other worlds than anyone they ever had.

I could tell them things they had never heard before.

I needed Torchwood, and I needed Torchwood to play my game.

So I had to change, because sometimes you can't change the rules.

People's Republic - yeah right.

Posh People's Republic.

Because, hallo, Harriet Jones.

Same as the old boss.

Yvonne, too, and Rajiv, all the same, except not.

I didn't really meet her, of course, but Jackie did, and told me.

You pay attention when someone said to have me shot.

Jackie said she was brave to the end.


And the posh thing is its own game. You learn to play against them; you learn to play their rules.

Until you can change the rules on them.

And make them pay attention.

Hell, yes.

He taught me a lot.

Things I had never heard before.

What they say when the air freezes and there is still spice on the tongue from the frost.

How it feels when life ends and hope ends and something new is there and you learn to change and let that be hope instead.

The time I was with him was the school I bunked off and the college I never went to.

You have to get the paper though, because otherwise you're the girl who met an alien once, that they can talk at, and ignore.

Because I had to be the girl who told them things they'd never heard before, and who looked in all the files.

Or I'd lose.

And I don't lose.

He taught me to think, to pay attention.

It was the clue, that it was Torchwood here.

Because that meant some things are the same.

Blimps and republics and some things the same.

Worlds elsewhere.

He'd been here.

Not my Doctor, but the same, mostly.

There was some boy with him when he pissed off Victoria.

And he always leaves traces.

Mickey helped me look, because he cares.

Rajiv helped me look, because it was a problem for him to solve.

Yvonne helped me look, because it was her duty and her mission.

Also, after a bit, she helped me look, because I told her to.

You get the bits of paper, and you learn, and then you change the rules on the posh people.

You learn how to talk at them, so they listen.

Yvonne learned to listen and so did Harriet.

They paid attention.

On winter's nights, and in the summertime too.

And sometimes we saved the world.

I taught them that.

Among other things.

He taught me to be good at what I do, at everything I do.

And how to play to win.

Tylers don't lose.

Which is a way of saying Tylers win.

He taught me that.

So did Jackie and Pete.

Long before I met him.

Now I teach myself.

And others when they learn to pay attention.

I found Sarah Jane.

She had a limp I didn't remember.

She got shot in the leg, trying to save some boy at Culloden.

Which is a big battle I should have paid attention to at school.

She had a metal cat.

Which was worrying.

It's all in the odds.

She helped me plan, because she liked me as much as the other one did.

I knew how to talk to her this time, so she was easy.

And she never loved him, not like I did.

And he never loved her.

Never said he did, anyway.

We had a little chat, and she saw things my way after a while, and we hugged.

And she helped me, because she is a good woman.

Being with me made her happy, and that was good, because that made her help me.

I like Sarah Jane, because he liked her.

And we could talk about him, late at night.

Which I could never do with Yvonne, or Harriet.

And I could make the pain in her leg go away.

For a little while.

I could talk about him with Mickey, but that would leave Jake out.

And I wouldn't do that to him.

And all Jackie ever says is 'I knew you'd change, Rose Tyler.'

Of course I change, because it's how you change the rules.

It's how you win.

And one day, one of the cameras showed a police box.

Fifty yards from where I used to live, which is a biscuit factory here.

Nice biscuits, with ginger cream.

I took an air bike. They're faster.

And I went over the speech.

I knew you, in another dimension.

You are my prisoner.

I love you.

We saved the world.

You are in pain and I can heal you.

You changed me.

I hate you, sometimes, for showing me so much that was new.

I love you,

And the door opened and a tall young woman stepped out.

And I wanted to kill her, and I wanted to die.

Hope died.

Air froze.

I heard my pulse start again.

I took her by the wrist and I felt two pulses.

He died on Arcadia and he pushed her from the front line.

She is the last Time Lord.

And there was a blonde with her, a blonde I knew.

'Wotcha Reinette', I said.

'I do not know you,' she said.

'Another time, another place' I said.

I didn't need the soldiers to make them come back to the tower.

Because they listened, and they paid attention.

All you need to win is to change the rules.

To tell them things they never heard before.

How to live.

How to change.

How to die.

How to heal pain.

How to save the world.

Reinette and I had a talk.

I took her to meet Yvonne and Harriet and they get on really very well.

It's all in the odds.

And I talk to the tall young woman.

In the winter and in the summertime too.

And sometimes we save worlds.

Because that is the game we play.

You play and you change the rules.

And you never lose. She never loses, and Tylers don't lose either.
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