Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Wasting time when I should be writing

I did not know I was this gloomy...I did the Who directs your life meme?

Ingmar Bergman
Your film will be 69% romantic, 35% comedy, 56% complex plot, and a $ 41 million budget.
Your life will be portrayed on film as an intense psychological drama, likely with some actresses screaming at the camera (Persona), or maybe a pleasant chess game between the Grim Reaper and a Crusader (The Seventh Seal). This Swedish director's films are intensely scrutinzed and studied in colleges all over the world to this day. This means that most Americans still don't understand his films! Still alive, he released in the U.S. in 2005 his first film in 23 years (Saraband), and he can still take on one more project to make your film biography. If curious, start with his films Wild Strawberries and Smiles of a Summer Night.

For some reason, this doesn't come with a link...
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