Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

This is just too icky and sad

I feel slightly soiled from reading this particular bit of gossip - Supposedly this is what Bin Laden does in his spare time Copied from Avedon

Where is Charles Grey with a white Persian cat on his knee? Or Stalin listening to Mozart as he lay dying? Standards have declined, I tell you, standards have declined.


And farewell Caligula, as played by John Hurt, a performance that goes on giving right to the end. Venus, sea-shells, dice, swapping Homer quotations, giving his uncle Messalina as a joke.

Now poor old Clau-Clau is emperor. In a way, it is a shame it doesn't end there, because most of the best bits are over by then.

When I first read the books, as a kid, the worst thing I could imagine - and it is pretty bad - is the rape of Sejanus' daughter because they couldn't kill a virgin. I hate violence and treachery, but what I particularly despise is the legalism with which people justify their crimes. And the crimes they support.

This applies to Blair and Bush over the Lebanon, but it also applies to Qaradwi. and this is the man Livingstone wanted to ask to London People die in agony because this fatuous academic thinks it would be a neat idea and is what God wants. Heaven knows I wouldn't want to hurt the old fool, but I would cheerfully throw a drink in his face were I ever to be in the same room.
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