Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

What I did on Sunday

It was fun playing around with broadband in the morning and soon I will have learned to download the comicses and TV shows I want without drama or constant phonecalls to paratti and ffutures. And then I will probably get caught up in something like Second Life or City of Heroes and disappear from human ken...

But this afternoon was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, UK style, and was organized by the very wonderful jasonelvis and his friend Serge and various others. I got to share the reading of the names of dead TG people from the last year and to talk briefly about all the people who also died and whose names we don't know, because they live in war zones where no-one is monitoring such things or in places where no-one bothers. I also talked about the TG people we don't know about because they were not murdered, but driven to various edges by abuse and mockery and contempt to the point where they get sick, or make bad choices, or simply kill themselves.

The thing that moved/upset me most all evening was Charlotte Cooper's story about how she knew Tara O'Hara, who was one of the fabulous people in Rosa von Praunheim's Berlin film, and how, when she was looking at the Remembering Our Dead website ( ) she found out Tara had been murdered a few months after Charlotte last saw her. People are so fragile, and our memories of them so dear.

But the good thing about the TGDR is that it is also a celebration of our culture and our lives - there was amazing music and cakes and tea.

And that is all I am going to say about that.
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