Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

An expected farewell

As giogio and helenraven have already posted, our much loved Jane, minitrog died at around 9 am on Tuesday morning in her sleep. The conventional piety is to say 'after a long illness, bravely born' and the reason why it is the conventional piety is that it is often true, and was here.

Jane was a passionate atheist and absolutely clear that death is the end, and would often mock me for my woolly agnosticism. In a time when the creeping faithful so often argue that they have the only consolation, it is important to remember that some people need none; Jane was game pretty much to the end. She had some very bad times in the last few months of her life, some of which might have been avoided had her doctors been a little bit more on the ball at various points, but she took much pleasure in simple things when she could appreciate them and went on making wicked jokes at her friends' expense. Before she left London for Cornwall, where she spent the last months being cared for by her mother, she threw a party at the flat so that her friends could get together with her when she was in a position to appreciate it.

She rang me late Sunday, and I missed the call, something I will always regret. On Monday, I rang and Lindsey her mother said that she was unconscious as far as was known, but a nurse had said to go on talking as if she could hear us. So I said the usual pointlessly sad goodbyes down the phone and said how much we all loved her, and told her that in the mostly execrable Torchwood, boyslash in the shape of Jack/Ianto was now more or less canon. If she was even slightly aware, she would have wanted to know that before she went, because she did love her pretty boys in lust.

My thoughts are with Lindsey and Jane's brother and with Rik and Nic her flatmates. I don't know whether I will make it to Cornwall early next week for the funeral, but there will probably be a London thing as well.

Could anyone who reads this, and shares f-list people with Jane that are not on my f-list, Gio's or Helenraven's, post the bad news and let people know?
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