Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Happy New Year.

2006 - better than 2005 but still sucky. Lost a long-standing client without replacement for much of the year, so am very very broke, though I will end up with two new clients and the old one back again. Certain periodicals are paying later and later - currently waiting for an October invoice. On the other hand, I don't owe much money any more.

I wrote Superheroes! and it is pretty good - after a long furlough, I got back into the novel, and did some decent reviews as well. Teen Dreams came out, and was good, but did not get much comment - one bad review turned out to be by the partner of the woman who gave RtVS a bad review. I wonder what I did to upset them.

Jane minitrog became terminally ill and died. My condolences again to all others who knew her, and her family.

Slayage was fun.

And that is pretty much that, except for the world, which was horrid.
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