Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Picked up from thesideshow, an excellent if technical article on the inadequate biblical scholarship of the American Right.

Which brings me to my major beef of the day - it affronts me that the churches are whinging about the possibility that Christian bigots might be forced by law to stop treating LFBT people badly. Well, tough shit.

Most of the suggested hard cases are nothing of the kind - do Christian hoteliers inquire as to what their straight customers do in bed? If not, why assume that gay couples are doing anything they object to? And precisely who are these couples trying to rent church halls for wedding receptions? I mean, As If!!!!!

Now, here is the thing. After centuries of persecution and stigmatization of LGBT people which the churches sponsored, here is what they ought to go for - a period of quiet contemplation. AKA Shut The Frakk Up before we start talking about actual reparations.


On a happier note, GW Bush is at 26% which is some sort of record, I believe.

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Happy Feet is charming and exhilarating and also the best First Contact with Aliens movie I ever did see.
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