Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

One of the things that is worrying me most about the damn war is that somehow the Kurds will end up screwed - that the price for the US overflying Turkish territory will turn out to be that Turkey gets to annex the Kurdish parts of Iraq under the pretext of protecting the Turkoman minority. Or that part of the deal with whatever strong man the US puts in in Saddam's place will be a free hand with the Kurds. Or that Iraq will end up ruled by fundamentalists who want to smash the autonomous Kurdish region for being too secular.

Some of the liberals who support the war claim that those of us who do not are insufficiently worried about the Kurds. My feeling is that they are insufficiently worried about what happens to the Kurds now there is a war - I have been worrying about Kurdish rights in Iraq, Syria and Turkey on and off for decades. Nonetheless, I don't especially welcome those people in the peace party who pretend that this is not an issue.

It appals me that not only Arab nationalists, who at least have some sort of excuse, but the Workers Revolutionary Party, were going around on Saturday with signs calling for victory for Saddam. I never wanted this war, and I do not want it to be a victory for the Imperial party in Bush's cabinet. Equally though, I want Saddam and his circle out of power, and if that means dead, then dead.

None of the things that we believed him guilty of back when he was the West's regional ally and some of us were demonstrating against him stopped being probably true when he offended the West and policy makers who had previously sucked up to him suddenly noticed that he was a bloody-handed murderer.

So, what do I want to happen now?

Things that are not going to happen, probably - Saddam's deposition by one of his hitherto loyal subordinates who then takes the immunity deal and scarpers. The democratic opposition then telling the US and the UK, well, he is gone now and so you can go away as well, please. And the Allies deciding that this is good enough to be going on with, and going away.

It just is not going to happen, is it? It is going to be very unpleasant and the Allies are going to end up killing civilians on a large scale, and there are going to be Allied atrocities after a few more GIs and Tommies have been shot in the back by people in civilian clothing. It is going to be Vietnam and it is going to be Ulster - both at the same time, only more like Ulster, not least because the British Army has not had time to forget how you run Ulster.

I am just too depressed to be quite coherent.
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