Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Confession of abjectness

I only today discovered what a total squeeing fankid I am when it comes to Ugly Betty.
After reading the spoiler for last week's US show and this week's in yahtszee I decided that I had to watch both of them and omigod! omigod! (Spoiler coming up behind cut).

The revelation that the mysterious masked woman conspiring with Wilhelmina is not in fact Fey, who really is dead, but the former big brother Alex, now the totally gorgeous Alexis has to be the best piece of misdirection ever

I want a lot of UB femmeslash and I want it now. Any pairing, any time. Just saying. If I were not trying to write the novel, and concentrating what reserves of funny and cute I have for Emma and Caroline and the dryads, I would write it myself.


In other news, it looks like I get to review Henry Jenkins on fandom, and the new Harry Potter, for the TLS.
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