Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

One or two vaguely fannish points of little interest

1. I am still watching The L Word for Alice and Helena and Shane, though most of the other regulars should be eaten by a bear (or were eaten by a bear two seasons ago, and replaced with simulacra made from the bearpoop).

And I know how irritating and offensive much of the show is; it's a guilty pleasure OK, not a show I think is any good any more.

Interestingly though, when Jenny, in her psycho stalking of the partner of a journalist who dissed her, needed to make up a thesis topic that would appeal to a sentimental vet, she said 'Manatees. The peaceful manatees of the Florida coast'.

Is this pure coincidence, or a shoutout to Claire and Zack in Heroes, who also use this as a handy lie? Are we to suppose that intellectual snob, sensitive Jenny has a secret life in which she watches genre television?

I think we should be told.

2. Talking to Jen earlier, while we watched Heroes together in AIM in spite of being half the circumference of the world away from each other,- and I cannot get over how cool that is - I came up with the speculation that NotGina, NotNine, Nathan and another were a superhero team back in the day. Bennet was their boss and it all went wrong. NotNine remembers how it went sour as did NotGina; Nathan seems to remember NotGina but not much else - he was shocked when he flew for the first time, but that is consistent with his having had memories of flight taken away and then just flying in an emergency. The really dark possibility is that the fourth member of the team was Mrs Bennet and that she is dying from constant zapping of her memories. Wonder what her powers were and whether they involved stretching?...And what went so badly wrong in 1990?

3. Someone, not me, needs to write the Ugly Betty/Heroes crossover in which most of the staff members of Mode, and the Suarez family, all turn out to have superpowers. It would be funny and is one direction in which I doubt UB will ever go...

4. And now to go and do some writing. Went to the Hogarth preview today and may talk about that after some thought.
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