Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

This is not that good a poll, because it sets up the possibility of realizing that some of its possible positions are straw men, but nonetheless, I like to think it is true.

What kind of extremist are you?
Your Result: Rational Person

You consider these questions obvious straw men, designed to distract people from a meaningful investigation of facts and a serious discussion of relevant political issues. How boring.

Left-Wing Extremist
Right-Wing Extremist
Moderate Extremist
What kind of extremist are you?
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And elsewhere, even before watching BSG, there is a law in popular culture and it states 'no body, not dead'. I worked this out when I was seven and reading Eagle, and the Mighty Mekon appeared to have been devoured by the Silicon Mass that crawls through the lava fields of Venus. I spotted something which could be a periscope sticking through the lava and made myself obnoxious to my friends for years by saying - he escaped, he will be back. And so it proved. After that,and Sherlock Holmes for reinforcement, I have been solid in my assumptions ever since.

I knew Gandalf would be back.

Obviously, it helped growing up Catholic - because that also left the rule '"No body, not dead", does not exclude "Body, but will be back anyway."'
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