Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Non spoilery

Much as I still like Battlestar Galactica, I am getting very tired of the way that the plot largely depends on the Cylons and the Humans being competetively crap at everything. Kara may be the Hero with the Destiny, but she is also a mad brat, who manipulates people into dying when they are inconvenient to her; if she is the best on offer, humanity is in real trouble with the Cylon Plan.

I mean, we are always being told about the Plan - it's in the weekly opening sequence. Actually, it's bollocks. One day soon there will be the episode in which the Cylons collectively go - 'right, what's the plan? - I dunno, I thought you had it. - Didn't you leave it on the mantlepiece? - No, that was the list of Secret Cylons; I thought you had the plan.- Well, maybe D'Anna has it with her in the Boxes. (Rummages frantically) No, just Baltar porn - Did the dog eat it? -We don't have dogs, we're Cylons. - Oh right. - Maybe the secret Five have it.' And realize that there is no plan, so no divine mandate, so they are just frakked.

Just as frakked as humans led by psychotic union-busting soldier boys and mad staring eyes, watches her menfolk boxing and squees like a fangirl, Roslin.

It is the finest idiot plot ever written.
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