Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Fanfic memage

Those people who read this, if there are any of you, for serious political commentary, or my reviews, had best look away now, because this is a serious reversion to the time, not so long ago, when I devoted large parts of this LJ to fanfiction.

Someone put up this meme: Post a list of your top five favorite stories you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. this isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

That's a tough one, and I propose to cheat a little, because I know that most people's favourite of all my fics is probably still Bed of Bones which was the first fanfic I ever wrote, or Webs which won at least one award and which I wrote in about a quarter of an hour because I had a good idea. The fanfiction I love, and that includes my own, tends to be the stuff that is more than a good idea competently executed. It is the stuff that has richness and complexity and shifts of mood.

So, to start with, two of my longest fanfictions Five Lovers Cordelia Chase Never Had and Dawn in Rome. These are stories I like because they are intermittently funny, have quite a lot of sex without its taking over, and manage to be quite pacey.

Not that there is anything wrong with sex: Strong Enough is the only fanfiction that ever got me mash notes from someone who sounded way cute, but was probably much, much too young for me, and rather too into a level of BDSM which is not part of my life any more. But I remember it, oh yes, and it seemed an important part of the sexual dynamic surrounding Lilah Morgan. Lilah was often my dark muse of fanfic: she presides over Girl One and its sequel. These were my darkest stories, in some ways, coming as they did from the aftermath of a friend's funeral, and the events of 9.11; I meant to write more of this particular AU, but I found it too grim to write comfortably. Some of the current novel is this dark, but not quite so unrelievedly.

I have written some fanfiction that isn't set in the Jossverse: I am particularly fond of Five Disillusions which is an unlikely braiding of Harry Potter and Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education as a result of one of those afternoons in the cinema where you see two radically different films. It's one of the very few stories I've written that touch on trans stuff; I also like its sardonic take on both universes.

My thanks to Kate for archiving my stuff.
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