Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Headaches etc.

Sometimes circumstances combine - I just got very little of anything done this week and some of it was being busy and some of it was being ill and some of it was just stuff.

The ill bit was the migraine from Hell - normally my migraines are convenient little invalidisms that sort of hang around as distant storm clouds for most of the morning with perspective going odd on me if I do anything radical like standing up quickly or walking down stairs and then move, in the early afternoon, about the time that I would have a snooze anyway, into large bowling balls moving backwards and forwards quietly and insistently on the floor of my brain and a mild nausea that never gets too unpleasant if I don't try its patience by moving around. I can lie still in the dark and listen to music and talk on the phone, and then, at some point in the late afternoon, I become fabulously curl up in a ball tired and sleep for a couple of hours and then it has all more or less gone away except for a vague electrical feeling in one nostril.

But of course sometimes it is not convenient to have a migraine and act like a Victorian invalid and then I have to do what I can to stave it off and suffer the consequences. On Thursday, I had arranged to take my old computer in, and have everything ghosted across into my new one - and Simon had kindly agreed to drive me as long as I bought breakfast and paid half the congestion charge and hung around while we did some of his errands. In the event, we filled in the time by doing one of my errands as well - dropping off review copies - and all was well. Except I had a migraine and I did the thing I can do which is drink black coffee. And this kept me going all afternoon and I was able to set up the computer and all of that stuff. I thought I would pay for it Thursday and somehow it did not happen - and then I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine, lay awake with a migraine and spent the whole damn day with a migraine through to about seven in the evening.

It was a rather more ill-tempered version of the migraine as well - I did not doze, I crashed; the nausea was intense; and some of the time I really did not want to be talking...You get what you pay for, or something.

That will be it for another four weeks or so, unless I get caught with strobes or there is some very radical change in the weather. Something to look forward to.

The annoying thing is that I started a fic on Wednesday night and hoped to work on it first thing Thursday before Simon came round and somehow it never quite happened - maybe I will get to it later or maybe it will become one of those haunting fragments. Which is annoying, because it is a dialogue between Lilah and Tara in heaven, with Joyce and Darla in the background, and I was having fun.

We will see.

And 'We will see' is about all I feel like saying about the war this afternoon.
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