Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

1. I am totally in love with the episode of Nip/Tuck in which Christian operates on the corpse of his long-term patient Mrs Grubman. They were kind of friends, kind of antagonists, and it is strongly implied that one of the reasons why she obsessionally fought age was that she fancied the pants off him - the one time she managed to talk/bribe/coerce him into bed, it didn't work out so well. She made herself sick with surgery, had a stroke, hid from the world until her face was straight again, and then died of cancer. She persuades Christian to spruce her up for her funeral - 'my body is your canvas, and I want you to be the last man to touch me' - only no-one shows except him and her housekeeper. And she has left her fortune to him for pro bono beauty work.

And while he is operating on the corpse, he plays a disc of her demo tapes from when she was a singer before she made a rich marriage. And she appears on screen singing her heart out on 'This girl's in love with you' and who is that accompanying her? Why, that would be an uncredited Burt Bacharach, uncredited because we are supposed to FRAKKIN Know!

All this and the backstory on why Sean is such an obsessional jerk about fixing his new son's hands, and why he is so resistant to talk of childhood surgical trama.

I am so looking forward to spending several days writing an essay on this damn show, because it is so human, so camp, so cruel and so obsessed with all my own obsessions.

And I have a title for the essay, I think. 'Telling truth, selling lies: Ryan Murphy's Game of Consequences in Nip/Tuck'.

2. The other night, I had something happened which ought to have been embarrassing and vaguely scary, which was that I got a late bus home and two very drunk young things came and sat next to me and started being nice about my hat and my hair in a way that sometimes is threatening and mocking, but this time wasn't especially. They were called Jess and Oriel and were the sort of totally into each other straight women of twenty that I sometimes envy for their innocence and charm and cluelessness about how life works.

3. Life on Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Ugly Betty. All my shows. Too tired to talk about them right now.
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