Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And more from the good show most of you seem not to be watching

Well, that was slashtastic, for one thing. Tina, the Jennifer Aniston character, is not only the professional rival of Lucy (Courtney Cox) but also her ex. 'Your boyfriend or?...'/'That thing between us was a one-time thing.'/Actually four but who's counting?' Possibly, we are being kind here, possibly Tina does not realize that she sends Lucy to what may well be her death, but certainly she takes a certain pleasure in frakking her shit up by telling a woman whom Lucy has, quite justifiably, destroyed that Lucy was sleeping with the woman's husband and that the husband was the source for much gossip...

And Julia goes after Lucy with a big knife, and both Lucy and Julia end up stabbed. And Lucy rings her tame paparazzo Don and tells him to get the pictures before dialling 911. If she dies - and this is the season ender for a show that may not be renewed - she dies as she lived, and literally dies to get a good coverstory in her magazine. Angel clearly set a fashion for Schrodinger's Cat endings. I'd love to see more of Lucy and Don and Willa and Garbo at the rest, but if it ends here, that's good too. Don fought his demons and won, even though he may yet be charged with the deaths of Lucy and Julia; Willa became Lucy junior. We found out about the stalkers. The story is complete, yet there is much more to say. That is how a show that is cancelled should go out, though I hope it comes back.

And now, all you sinners, download it all, or watch the DVD.
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