Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Gay with Gay Sauce On Gay Toast With a Side Order of Gay

I am just stunned by the finales of both Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. Betty has yet more queer canon, and the subtext in Grey's is now as thick, comforting and nourishing as warm soup.

I was glad to see that Alexis realized when Daniel collapsed from mixing drugs and drink that he is still her little brother whom she loves - and he told her he loved her for the first time since she came back as his sister. Their feud has gone on long enough and they need to bond to fight their own demons and Wilhelmina. If they have survived the car crash.

I am getting very tired of the anti-Alexis tendency in the fandom - a lot of it is simple transphobia or stupidity. I suppose that part of the problem is that the show has done its research and the writers, but not the audience, know how many therapists working with trans people actually tell them to sever all ties with their pasts. Alexis' decision to do so was incredibly cruel, but it is hardly without precedent; I liked that her reconnection with Jordan last week was about trying to make up with someone whom she had hurt. (The fact that the apology drifted into sapphic snoggage didn't hurt either). Since she returned, Alexis has been mean, but almost never devious or backstabbing - something that cannot be said for Wilhelmina, say.

Meanwhile, Christina and Amanda locked in the Love Dungeon! Amanda making a casual drunken pass at her! Amanda revealed as Faye's lovechild! Who saw that last one coming? And does this mean she and Daniel committed inadvertent incest? (We do know that one of the standard causes of sibling incest is that long-separated siblings are drawn to each other, whether or not they know of the relationship. This also explains why Alexis and Amanda have chemistry, and why Daniel seriously hit on Alexis before she told him who she was.)

Meanwhile in Seattle, McDreamy turns out to have hit on a Meredith half-sister who is turning up as an intern. He needs to meet a bear with an iceaxe after his whining to Meredith about how she doesn't commit to him - she just lost two mothers, you twerp, and her father hates her, and she nearly blew her entire career on a moment of funk and you have the nerve to whine.

At least Burke did the right thing, at the last moment and in a very guilt-inducing way, and has left with his trumpet for shores unknown. Leaving Cristina to cry 'Free!Free!' and be cut out of the Wedding Dress of Doom by Meredith, who then consoles her in her underwear with girly hugging. This after the scene in which Cristina gets Meredith to tell her what her vows should be - yes, let's pretend you're me and say what you think I should say to Burke. That one is straight out of As You Like It btw.; whether she knows it or not, Cristina asked Meredith to propose to her. I know the show won't go there explicitly,- I think I know this - but at this point I could almost believe that next year will really really be the story of the Big Gay Love of Meredith and Cristina and a good thing too.

Oh, and the Callie - George - Izzy thing is still a mess, but not a Triangle of Doom. And Addison cut Alex loose, but he was too late to tell his one true love - amnesia woman - what he really feels. And everything he told Izzy last year about the wrongness of falling in love with a patient comes back to bite him in the ass - he jested at scars who never felt a wound.

Meanwhile, watching Grey's Season 2 finale, I am interested to see how Miranda Bailey, forced to take over the High School Prom in the hospital - don't ask - announces a design for the stage and balloons based on what she has seen of NY fashion shows. Obviously, she has contacts - perhaps she was at college with someone from Ugly Betty. Now there's a plot bunny.
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