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One good comic that people seem not to be reading all that widely is Marvel's Loners which is nicely angsty, and the sort of serious examination of power and superhero issues that I wrote about in the forthcoming book. Loners is about a bunch of young superheroes who all retired for various reasons and are in a self-help group in LA. Most of them have a tendency to fall off the wagon, unfortunately in the light of the post-Civil War climate. Mattie Franklin has a thing about drug dealers ever since she got used as a source for Mutant Growth Hormone back in NY and Brian Michael Bendis's Alias and we have the usual got my partner killed/was in danger of being possessed by my costume/never had a normal life issues. It is smart and funny and insightful and I like it a lot.

One reason to read comics - this is three issues into its run - is that quite often the good stuff gets cancelled because no-one knows it's there. I started reading Loners because the group turned up in Runaways being bossy to the rather younger less angsty group. An awful warning of what happens to the Good Stuff hit me yesterday when I was over at Rob and Avedon's place and they produced Chase which ran for ten issues back in the nineties. It has a wikipedia entry here.. Wonderful art by the people who went on to do Promethea and a nice concept and a snarky frakked up heroine, who occasionally crops up in other DC comics eg Manhunter and it sank more or less without trace.
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