Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Brief update

I just watched Ultraviolet - not the show but the movie with Mila J. Far more than Aeon Flux, it is a total triumph of style over content - a movie in which CGI takes over - and yet somehow it has a mad existentialist intensity at moments which made me rather like it. This is a heroine who thinks she has nothing left to love, decides she has and frakks up the shit of anyone who gets in her way, even the people who are in theory on her side. Rubbish, but it filled in a post-migraine evening.


I was not going to let rain put me off going to Pride so I guess I am not going to let the faint possibility of terrorist outrage do it either. I resent being told to act as normal because it is the British way of life, though, because for years that is exactly what Pride was, people doing what they would normally do in the face of hatred, ridicule and contempt. I will go on Pride because Islamist and Christianist nutters all over the world are killing my brothers, sisters and other siblings in the name of their damned faiths and I am not going to be threatened out of marching in solidarity. If some people in the US and here are staying home because they think the battle is one, that just proves that the straight community does not have a monopoly on selfish asshats. I march at Pride for the sake of all the people who can't. Also because there are a lot of very cute people to look at - and lust is also a political manifestation in this context, damnit.
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