Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

What Roz did on Saturday

Well, obviously I went to Pride...

The only trouble is, my phone died. Not apparently because of getting wet, because I had the sense to buy an umbrella the moment I got out in the downpour, but just because Nokia mobiles sometimes decide that their time has come and that is that. First the ghi key refused to produce anything except full-stops and then the star key would not work so the phone was locked forever. This meant that, sooner or later, I was going to have to go and find an O2 shop to hand it in for repair, which became the errand that took over the later part of my afternoon...As soon as the people I was with broke up in all directions, this started to become a priority, because part of having a good time is knowing when to cut your losses...

I have a rule about the journey to Pride which is that if I spot people I know who are on their way, I join them even if it means a diversion from getting to the march on time (unless I am meeting people at the start of course). I saw Tracey and Hamish and Charlie walk past the bus stop just as my 394 turned off City Road so I charged off and joined them for coffee and headed into town with them on the 55 rather later than I had planned. We waited for the trans contingent at Oxford Circus and in due course found it.

I saw a lot of friends, straight, trans, gay and other - among them fjm, Cheryl, other Tracey ( I got to say 'Tracey meet Tracey' which amused me), the lovely Anna D, Bird in her Minnie Mouse costume, jasonelvis, Serge, the TransLondon group and so on. I boogied much of the way down from Oxford Circus to Trafalgar Square which was not a good idea with painful knees and heavy boots and wet roads, but felt great at the time. fastfwd took a lot of photographs which she has put up - follow the link from her LJ.

I handed out leaflets for the Bindel thing, listened to Livingstone and then went off to grab noodles and sort out the phone. Once I had done that, I decided that I wanted to go home and instal my SIM card in an old phone rather than wander round with little fragile bits of phone.

Besides, I wanted to be at home to watch Who.


I didn't dislike Last of the Time Lords as much as most of my friends list without liking it nearly as much as the episode before. I do get irritated with RTD's tendency to blow chains of logic that are perfectly sustainable if he puts a bit more mental energy into them, though.

He did have a way of making the Tinkerbelle moment considerably more plausible than it ended up being, but - and this is an area in which he is so like Joss - didn't use it. One of the Master's weaknesses is his arrogant control-freakery and the Doctor's plan pretty much depended on that - he knew the Master would keep him around to gloat over and would probably not kill any of the Jones family for the same reason. The Master had keyed the laser screwdriver to himself, just as he had the Archangel satellites, which were in turn broadcasting telepathically to the population of Earth. So, a direct line from the screwdriver which made the Doctor old, through the Master, to the satellites to the population, and lines can go both ways. What we needed to see was the united force of humanity's mind going through the Master whether he liked it or not and into the screwdriver so that it reversed its operations. I still maintain that is what happened, actually.

Obviously, the Master died to frak with the Doctor's head, knowing that there is a copy of him in the device Lucy took from his ashes. Everyone is assuming that Lucy is a character we have met elsewhere in the Whoverse - the Rani, say - whereas it has to be at least a possibility that you can download yourself more than once. Is Lucy in fact a female and human version of the Master? It has to be at least a possibility because he is entirely capable of playing that sort of game, and of putting himself/herself under post-hypnotic suggestion.

The entire scheme - using the last humans to torture the current humans to declare war on the rest of the universe in the name of Gallifrey - seemed to me a little too much like he sat down and worked out just the most awful set of things he could do to the Doctor's amour propre that he had not already done. It is all such a total frakk you that it reminded me of some of Faith's more outrageous attempts to get Buffy's attention enough to make her kill Faith/give her an orgasm. The Master is a pushy bottom who wants to be spanked and dying and leaving the Doctor alone is just another of his gambits - given that he will get to come back...His racist treatment of the Jones family is another of his gambits; villains do bad things and some of those things are going to be tasteless as well.

I was intrigued by all the stuff about the Vortex as part of Time Lord training - I cannot quite believe that the show could drop an anvil that huge and no-one remark on it. 'He who fights dragons becomes dragonish; if you look into the Abyss, the Abyss will look into you', anyone? For the first time, we have a hint of what the Master is about which is not just motiveless malignity - we also have for the first time some idea of why the Doctor feels compassion for him which is not just species loyalty/unrequited love.

There is one story arc which would justify bringing back the Master and giving the relationship between them some sort of closure and I am hopeful that it is what RTD will do in his last arc, whether that is S4 or S5. There is one thing for which the Doctor might need the Master and it is the offer the Master could not refuse - it is the resurrection of the Time Lords and Gallifrey. I would not be at all surprised to see a vast epid at some future point which might well exploit the Time Agency and the world where the Tylers live - I would hazard a small bet that this will happen at some point and we will see Jack and/or Rose in the process.

And Martha, of course, Jones the Baptist to the Doctor's Messiah...I am glad she walked out on him and I entirely believe that she gave him a choice. 'Ring me' she more or less said 'when you have something to say to me worth my hearing it, otherwise do not bother me any more.' She is fed up with being compared, as is Jack - and has realized that it isn't just Rose she has to worry about, but the Master.

I like the idea that she will turn up in Cardiff to get drunk with Jack from time to time and moan about the impossible man they both love and have both walked out on. Martha in Torchwood - that's a possible, especially if Owen runs away with a Yeti. The Doctor is a pain-in-the-arse clueless bloke when it comes to the people he loves and who love him and he really needs to get over that cluelessness if he is going to start having sex with the apes.

I have hopes for the idea of Kylie in the Christmas episode - she is a good thing in spite of being the goddess of bubblegum pop. I give you the tracks she made with Nick Cave. I also give you a story - my friends Charlie and Anna were on one of the early demos against the War in Iraq with our friend Alan P, when a small figure in a hoodie and large dark glasses rushed up and air-kissed Alan. Bless her, she went on the march and did it as an ordinary person, not a star.

There will be more Dawn in New York in due course - I have plotted the next chunk now, which was one of the gaps in it I needed to sort out.
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