Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Musings while rather too many e-mails download

So, anyway, Baghdad fell and I doubt that, in the long term, the Iraqi people will thank us for all the deaths it took to do it. I could be wrong though, and there was that shot of a man riding down the street on Saddam's felled bronze head. He was obviously happy about things. It is not over yet and it probably never will be, but I am starting to think that on Saturday I should try and find a charity to collect for rather than actually march.

I ran away from all of this to that abode of bliss or is that blitzed which is minitrog's front room where I sat for many hours, for which I am suffering this morning, with her and thete1 and helenraven and prattling inanely about fic and about shows and about bits of our lurid pasts. Minitrog and I go back an awfully long way, really - to the extent that we were different people and yet the same...

And now I have to try and do some work on immediate money projects like reviews and then I have to do some work on the damned overdue book. Because I am seeing Te again tomorrow, yippee!!! And Minitrog and a cast of thousands on Monday, and so on. So I must be strict with myself, strict Mistress Roz.

And not write Fred-Dawn and Fred's portal fear moved into a whole new area by making it with someone who is a portal all of herself, or Lilah/Tarah in Heaven, which is going to get Jossed anyway, or any memoir or any novel...

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