Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Help needed

One of the reasons why I am so very very stuck on Dawn In New York is that Christina needs to make an outfit for Buffy and I sort of have the idea in my head but need to find a picture reference. I don't think I invented this and I think it may well be from a comic rather than a fashion shoot or a movie - burntcopper suggested Bolland or Alan Davis, but I can't find it there and I thought of Matt Wagner in his Devil in the Deed period, but the cut of Christine Spar's jackets is very Japanese/Edwardian and kind of draped which is not what I want at all.

rkaveney2 (22:43:14): It is an outfit that someone ought to have made at some point
rkaveney2 (22:43:25): Where everything is slightly skewed
rkaveney2 (22:43:32): Yet it looks fabulous
rkaveney2 (22:43:53): The skirt is slashed at the front and hangs asymettrically
rkaveney2 (22:44:20): The jacket is all lapel and high waist
rkaveney2 (22:44:52): Have I seen this somewhere or is it an outfit I saw in a dream?

It is sort of as if a cubist or futurist took the classic little black suit and spun it through a spatial axis or two.

This is not just frockporn - I need this to work as a piece of imagery for the story unfortunately - the tailoring process is important for other reasons than itself. As Heather rightly points out, I need to have some real sense of how it works as a piece of tailoring which means I need a stronger visual image for reference than the one in my head. Because then I can work my way mentally through how it would get designed, cut and the rest of it...

Any thoughts?
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