Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
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In a week which had the man-killing honey badgers of Basra story, you wouldn't expect it to get trumped by this Meanbastard new species of chimpanzee discovered. 2.5 meter sticks for fishing with - that's a spear...And the idea that the predators leave their ground nests alone because the predators have reason to fear them - chimps seen eating a leopard which they may have killed - that's quite scary.

They are in the middle of the Congolese Civil War, of course, so they may get wiped out next week. On the other hand, maybe the rival factions will decide that these are the great apes you don't mess with....


Pope Benedict's announcement that no other Christian churches save the Orthodox are actually churches at all in his eyes, and that the Orthodox church's status is 'badly deformed', is pretty much what you'd expect. One of the prime characteristics of Ratzinger is that he is a bully, and all the more one because it is not directly about his own ego so much as the institutional ego into which he has transferred his own.

Anyone, believing or secular, who thinks that there is any point arguing or negotiating with this man, is now demonstrably wrong - he only recognizes surrender as a valid response to his own utter righteousness.


Someone somewhere is going to respond to the news that John Barrowman was considered for the role of Lee Adama with a list of the other shows in which he might have been cast. The alternate world which got Barrowman's Lee is one which inevitably would have a BSG with a sense of humour and with boyslashiness.

Imagine though Season 4 of Buffy with Barrowman as Riley, or Alias with Barrowman as Sark. Imagine Grey's Anatomy with Barrowman as Mark Sloane, or Farscape with Barrowman as Crais or Smallville with him as Pa Kent. Imagine all the knowing undercutting glances and sardonic smiles and big floppy-haired tart knowingness.

Someone really ought to write all of these and others, but it ain't going to be me. Questions?
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