Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

The state of Roz

I meant to go to TransLondon last night to help slightly_foxed publicize the Bindel action tonight, but I was exhausted by going through the copy-edited manuscript of Superheroes so that just did not happen.

On the other hand, staying in did mean I got through another bunch of episodes of Season 9 X-Files. More of this later, but, on first exposure to that season, it seems to me that the real problem is not the miracle baby, irritating as all that is, but the pervasive religiosity; X-Files suddenly becomes an aggressive blend of woo-woo and sentimental Christianity which is not what it was about when it was any good. Still Gillian Anderson is always a joy to watch, as is Robert Patrick.

I seem to be watching Burn Notice which is a certain amount of sardonic fun in spite of not being all that good. I like the way that the burned-out and discredited spy Michael keeps finding himself having embarrassing Hallmark moments in which he has to convey wisdom to the young and actually manages to do so in a way that defuses the sentimentality of what is going on. I also find it interesting that his sort of ex-girlfriend Fiona is a former IRA bankrobber - so terrorism is OK on US television if it's Irish terrorism. Just sayin' because I actually like the gleeful sociopathy of Gabrielle Anwar in the part. Also Bruce Campbell...

Big Love goes on being awesome and unpredictable - withough going into spoilage, I have to say that the use of 10cc's 'Not In Love' was an inspired way of turning possible hinted femslashiness into pretty explicit femslashiness.

I'm not looking at the scans for Deadly Hallows - I get to read the book soon enough ie Friday evening that I don't want to spoil the experience.

For some reason - which may have been a new batch of sensors as much as anything I ate - my sugar spiked a couple of days ago and I have been feeling vaguely crap. A lot of it is the weather.

Reading a biography of Lennox Berkeley the composer and his wife which is incredibly interesting for its picture of the gay world of 20s musicians - Berkeley seems not to have slept with Ravel, who was a hands-off sort of person, but my god he got around otherwise before meeting Freda...

Talking of misspent youth, who knew that the young Robert DeNiro was chummy with the Warhol drag queens, or that he did a two-hander stage show with Candy Darling, written by Jackie Curtis, or that, apparently, there is footage out there of the whole thing? Now that's something Transfabulous or the LLGFF should try and get hold of!!!!

And Eureka has now downloaded, so that's the next hour or so taken care of. Once I make myself some more coffee...

Oh, and here is something wonderful from YouTube: terrible sound but pictures of the young Shostakovich looking a bit like Harry Potter, a happy young geek who does not know that Stalin is about to break his heart.

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