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Too much time on our hands and stuff like that

Friday was supposed to be just a quick lunch with thete1 but she was not feeling special what with allergies to new and exotic ie English blossom and so I ended up going round to minitrog and hanging out watching the 100 best commercials until the smallest of hours.

Which led to a meme

Favourite movies of the Buffy/Angel characters

Amy The Craft - because she has no taste, right

Andrew Some like it hot -because he has good taste, underneath, and one day he will stop pretending to like Lucasfilms

Angel Saturday Night Fever -big dork thinks he can dance

Angelus Black Narcissus - nuns, mindfucks, what else?

Anya Wall Street

Buffy Captain Kronos -obscure vampire hunter film

Clem Old Yeller

Connor Crouching Tiger, HIdden Dragon -he sat through it saying 'I can do that'

Cordy A star is born (J Garland)

Darla Elizabeth and Essex - She is so Bette Davis and this one has a darling boy

Dawn Mulan - everyone has a Disney that caught them just at the right age

Dru Chien Andalou - Eye, razor, dead donkeys and grand pianos

Doyle Casablanca - Boy thinks he is Bogart

Ethan The wild ones - What are you rebelling against? What have you got? Plus, young pretty Brando.

Faith True Romance

Fred William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet -Te and I both chose this

Giles A matter of life and death - David Niven goodness plus Marius Goring plus monochrome afterlife

Groosalug Conan

Gunn The Red Shoes - post Waiting in the Wings, before that Malcolm X of course

Harmony Mariachi - Banderas goodness

Holland Manners A room with a view - He thinks watching Merchant Ivory movies makes him a gent

Jenny Alphaville

Jonathan The Matrix

Joyce A star is born ( Streisund)

Lilah All about eve

Lorne All that Jazz

The Master Nosferatu -He was so pretty

The Mayor It's A Wonderful Life

Oz The Gold Rush

Riley Dumbo

Ripper Performance

Snyder Goodbye Mr Chips

Spike The Warriors -NY subway goodness

Tara Desert Hearts - a birkenstock movie

Xander Cabaret - Sorry, I have this sense of Xander miming to Lisa in his room and thinking Willow does not know

Warren Metropolis

Wesley North by Northwest - A guide to utter cool

Willow The Grifters -John Cusack in the old days, these days Angelica Huston. A movie that has never failed her.

Wood Glory

At some point I will do heavy stuff about why not marching and why sat in cafe with dolores and burntcopper instead.

But not now.
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