Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I have a wretched summer cold and my head hurts much of the time - not so much in a headache way more in a if I move the wrong way all the cottonwool will fall out and my brain will be empty instead of stuffed way. It doesn't help that my sugar is all over the place, seemingly as the result of the cold/virus/lurgy thingy - some of the highest readings I have ever had one day and the next back into my normal range.

That was what I wrote a day or two ago and actually the cottonwool has largely gone. Friday evening I met up with Cheryl and with fjm for tea and then had dinner with Polly and Lisa and that was all very pleasant. Yesterday I woke up with no voice, a state which continues - I can manage a tiny squeak. I am better in myself as the expression goes - physically tired but more mentally alert, though not enough to want to get back to writing past a cursory note here. On the other hand, my sugar is trending downwards, which is good.

Normal service, and post on pilots, in a day or two...
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