Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

A piece of Eureka tinhattery

Some of us, of course, will never accept the idea that Jo Lupo is supposed to be straight. Obviously, it is perfectly possible for a woman to be that frakking butch and be straight, but somehow Eureka never convinces us of this. And the harder they try, the worse it gets, especially if you are a sad person like me to whom close reading of texts is second nature.

In a way, the Taggart thing was so implausible as to be almost funny. Now, though, they seem to be replacing the Taggart thing with something even less likely. Jo is affected by the shared dreams epidemic and in her dream she is a hapless maiden whom the evil landlord - Nathan, of course - attempts to force his will on. Only she is rescued by a thin, delicate featured person in black, with a mask and a sword, who fights him off for her. But who is this masked man? Why, he flourishes his sword and carves an F into her bodice, and proves, behind the mask, to be the irritating nerd Fargo.

This proves moreover to be her dream which he is sharing, rather than the other way around.

So, not only does Fargo have a thing for Jo; Jo, it would seem, has a thing for Fargo and for wanting to be mastered.

Or, of course, those of us in denial or obsessed with constructing femslashiness without much straw can construct this another way. A slim person in black should be carving a Z not an F, Z for Zorro which means Fox which starts with an F for Fargo. I postulate that what we are actually seeing is a denial dream in which Jo does not let herself understand that what she really wants is to be rescued by someone whose name does begin with a Z, which is to say Zoe. But Jo at a very deep level cannot accept this and so dreams of Fargo.

Or not
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