Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I am trying to work out why I found Gray Matters so irritating. Partly it is the cutesy/creepy sibling relationship - everyone thinks it's weird but we are supposed to think it is cute and actually it is weird. Then there is the fact that the heroine gets a wonderful fallback girlfriend when the love of her life does not pan out - a client of her ad agency which is pretty creepy in itself because this very rich woman is her client before she is her lover and acknowledges having always been attracted to her. Professional ethics much? Mostly it is the fact that the sister-in-law, after snogging our heroine, gets to do the whole 'I was so drunk I don't remember a thing' number and be happy ever afterwards with the heroine's brother and never take any responsibility at all. Of course our heroine does the noble thing and lets her - and as someone with a tendency to do the noble unselfish thing, I had never realized how unattractive that looks...On the other hand, Heather Graham is adorable.

And I will try and remember to talk about the less irritating Imagine Me and You soon.
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