Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Some thoughts

1) Pro-Saddam British MP George Galloway has been accused of taking three quarters of a million from the Iraqi regime for his defense of them in e.g. Parliament on the basis of documents found in Baghdad. He is suing, claiming he has been set up by the British security services and that the documents are forgeries. My instinct is that if they wanted to fit him up they would have done a better job and a more plausible one - at the same time, I am not convinced that he was on the take. Corrupt regimes - and this happened a lot with the East Germans - expect their servants to come up with the goods on a regular basis when it comes to recruiting agents; if you have someone you know will continually take the line the regime wants for free, it must be awfully tempting to claim you are paying them and pocket the cash.
2) I forgot to mention doing a Spuffy panel at Eastercon - it was fun, but it served to convince me ever more strongly that the point of Spike is his effect on Buffy. Like everyone else he is part of her education.
3)People really want to moralize about Wynona Ryder and blame it on her hippy parents. What I find interesting is that, when she was an androgynous teen who got queer-bashed at school, the school regarded this as her fault for having non-standard looks and disciplined her over a beating in which she got ribs broken. It interests me that no-one regards that beating as having anything whatever to do with later problems.
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