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Some thoughts on shows

It's one of those seasons where I seem to be spending so much time watching television that I haven't been writing about it much.

Two episodes in and the interesting thing about this season is that it is going to be all about Christian's vulnerabilities and Sean's strengths. Even Julia's coming out as in a relationship with a woman has not hit Sean all that hard, whereas Christian is adopting quite daft strategies to make himself good. As a general rule, when a man engages in a threesome with two (female) Marilyn impersonators, he is having self-esteem problems. The parody medical show Sean is working on is very funny (somewhat at the expense of Grey's Anatomy; Ryan Murphy is giving full rein to campness in this season. I also utterly love Lauren Hutton as the boys' agent: so good to have someone with natural middle-aged beauty in a show all about artifice. The second episode was not as good as the first, but the first was wonderful.
The surprise of the season in a lot of ways, because I really did not expect to like this - a teen show with the same sort of characters as Cruel Intentions which is to say upper crust Manhattanites with trust funds and issues. Yet it is quite charming and not just because of the high femslash quotient. A large part of what it has going for it is innocence - these kids' idea of being bad is nowhere near as wicked as they think it is.
I loved the pilot of this and yet I can see why there is a solid body of people who hate it. You have to give yourself up to the saccharine side of the force and just accept that unremitting whimsy is the order of the day - which for me turns out to be fine. I can cope with the tough private eye who knits holsters for his guns and money, and the pie-maker who raises the dead, and the ex-jockey waitress who loves him, and the formerly dead girl of his dreams whom he cannot ever touch, and the odd cases and the mad aunts and the song and dance numbers; cope? dammit I luxuriate in them, but I can see how some people might not. Anna Friel and the Chenoweth are both so delightful, though, that I hope someone who is up to the task will write their characters some fic - Chuck/Olive, pretty please.

Ugly Betty is disappointing me a little this year as is Heroes but that is because both shows had such great first years that there was bound to be a slump sometime. Grey's on the other hand goes from strength to strength with its moralized surgeries and endless games of consequences and occasional Drunken Sex Accidents. Dexterlikewise touches most of my buttons to the point where criticism vanishes.

I am in two minds about Life given its outrageously melodramatic premise - cop framed for murder and then exonerated after years inside partnered with recovering addict cop spying on him for the department - and the fact that the cases they investigage are just not quite interesting enough. On the other hand the episode last week which actually dealt with addiction and the ethics of following up a lead you got in a meeting and the ending where Dani owns her addictions properly was truely impressive. If it is always that good from now on, it has my attention fully.

And more of this later...

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