Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

The other post this evening

I am writing about this for Strange Horizons and so am not going to say very much here now.

I saw a screening of Beowulf at the Waterloo Imax this evening and am pretty much gob-smacked. This was my first experience of modern 3-D with glasses that are more or less compatible with my own.

It was also a movie I had been waiting to see for ten years because it is that long ago that Neil sent me an early draft of the script he was working on with Avary. It impressed me then and it impresses me now - I have mixed feelings about the particular kind of image-capture animation Zemeckis is using but it is amazingly impressive much of the time.

I have, I suspect, seen the future of movies - once you have had a spear inches from your nose, it is hard to go back to a flat screen.

And I didn't get travel sick once - which says interesting things about the application of this sort of 3D technology to Gibson-style cyberspace in due course.

See the movie, and see it at IMAX.

I will post a link to my review when it goes up.
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