Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Well, so now we know

Sullivan here
is at his worst in the aftermath of the ENDA vote. His citation of the almost unfortunately named Wockner quotes him at his worst, and ignores Wockner's vaguely anguished awareness that he might be being a dickhead.

So let's say it again. Many trans people lived and self-identified for years inside the lesbian and gay communities; many post-surgery trans people still do and identify as lesbian or gay irrespective of previous sexual object choice. The same people want to kill us and deny us rights; we face many of the same problems. Sullivan may not think there is an LGBT community, but our lives are on the same line.

As for Sully himself, and as he would say 'money quote': "I don't really believe there is even a "gay and lesbian community" as such."

Yes, he finally said it - Sullivan may claim to be a feminist - hollow laughs all round - but he has listened to radical separatists just enough to quote their rhetoric as an argument for the usual appalling privileged gay male selfishness. He gets what he wants and the rest of us can go screw ourselves.


There are plenty of reasons for disliking Hillary Clinton and Sullivan tells us about many of them, while not applying anything like the same standards to Ron Paul. I wish I believed that he was nearly as sincere about any of those reasons as in his clear fear and dread that Hillary Rodham Clinton has girl parts and girl cooties.

If she is the candidate, which heaven forfend! but seems likely, we just have to acknowledge all her ghastly faults and Move The Frakk On.

And Sullivan won't - he will backtrack on torture and god knows what else rather than support her.
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