Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

It is not snowing and, with luck, even when it does, the ground is wet enough from drizzle that it won't settle. Which may mean ice, of course, dammit. The sky is phlegm-grey and my inability to write is clearly SAD. I hate January.


As for US politics, one of the most sensible things I have seen is, slightly surprisingly, Michael Moore here. What he does not go on to say is that anything is good which pulls the likely Democrat candidates away from the Right - I don't trust either the god-bothering Obama or the triangulating Clinton right now.

Yet either of them will be better than the last eight years.

As to the Republican candidates, bad cess to the lot of them, I say. They are all so ghastly that they make David Cameron look positively saintly and sane.

Oh well, I'll hear in the morning.


I am sad about the death of George MacDonald Fraser, reactionary old thug as he was in private life. He is a classic example of 'never trust the teller, trust the tale' because, while his hero Flashman was as sexist and racist as Fraser could make him and have a good time doing it while being able to disavow anything specific, nonetheless decency kept creeping through.

For those who don't know the books, Flashman was a character Fraser had appropriated from Tom Brown's Schooldays and set loose on the Victorian imperial adventure and occasionally on fiction - these are very very fannish books. All those of us who write gossipy name-dropping historical fiction and fantasy owe Fraser a debt. My personal favourite is probably Flashman at the Charge which does the Crimean war and takes in the Russian eastward expansion of the same period - its villain is Count Ignatieff, great-grandfather of the neocon philosopher.

Fraser wrote several excellent non-Flashman books, including a history of the Border reivers. His screen credits include the Dick Lester Dumas adaptations - which I love - and Royal Flash. On the down side, he was partly responsible along with Clive Exton for Red Sonja.


And I got my advance copy of Superheroes! about which I shall post in due course.
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