Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Various things

I saw - and it does not seem to be up on the net anywhere yet - the cinema version of the Dr. Who Season Four preview, slightly more Donna-centric than earlier versions. We learn that Bernard Cribbins' character from the Christmas episode is Donna's grandfather, and we see a very wet, very angry Martha, and Donna behind bars and weeping. Above all, we see - in a blink and you miss it shot - Rose; this may say something about the audience for Juno but the squeeing was magnificent - a cinema of people laughing and cheering and making wheeee! noises. We sometimes forget that there is a far larger fandom outside our group, who don't feel conflicts of loyalty between the companions of recent years...

I totally loved Juno as I expected to - a movie with brains and wit about teen pregnancy and adoption, which is also an American movie about class. I liked its whole no-fault attitude to things - it challenges our desire to have someone be the bad guy. I was utterly charmed - on the way out, I was queueing for the escalator and turned to the woman next to me and said 'that movie has made me so happy'. She said 'it's made me so sad' and I said 'I think we are talking about the same emotion' and she laughed and said 'yes, that's true.'

I will write critically about it someday, but right now, I have no words.
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