June 22nd, 2003


Another Sunday Night

Well, before I let myself sleep tonight, I will have finished updating my article as far as Buffy goes. Angel tomorrow and Tuesday and then all I have to do is go over everyone else's pieces and 2nd edition will be ready...All!!!!Ha!!!!

Enjoying thinking about it all in a way I haven't before - too much life, or to be precise too much death, in the last few weeks. And getting to say 'Robin Wood, a name at once androgynous and butch' and 'Like all fictional villains, the First Evil is incapable of shutting the fuck up'. Well, no, I actually said shutting up, but I can have subtext too.

And loving the show again, totally.

Almost wanted to write Cal-Stephen slash for the end of 'State of Play'. My heart sank at the news of a second season. 'Six Feet Under' - Brenda and her hooker chum - how slashy was that? I really want this book in so I can finish 5 untrue things about Cordy.

Looked in at Harvest - just hung in the coffee bar - with my friend selenak and met up with various chums like green_amber. Didn't feel I had missed a lot by not buying a ticket and being there all weekend, but may be wrong.
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