June 30th, 2003


Tired and sort of happy...

After the nightmare that is formatting things out of old versions of Word Perfect and Word into Word as a single huge document, I delivered the book at 4 pm. I was worried about length - Philippa had said 100 k and I was delivering 125 k, but it turns out that she had allowed for me delivering as much as 150 k. Which would have been right if I had not cut the un-updated articles, so we may be able to stick at least Steve Wilson on humour back in.

The book has my article extended to 30 k to discuss the recent seasons, much of which I wrote in the last fortnight, and the Espenson and DeKnight interviews (the latter updated last week), and the episode guide. New articles by Justine Larbalestier and jennyo and massive updates of various others. I think it is a better book - it is in many respects much more of a new one than is sometimes the case with second editions. Which means it may not be out until the spring, but will probably sell more copies to people who bought the book already...

Nothing much else to say or think about - too tired - I will have the sf movie book to get down to again in a day or two, and I really will write some fic when my brain starts working again.

Meanwhile, for those of us who care, shiny gay rumours about The Bill.
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