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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Saturday, September 20th, 2003

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Another poem for Katie Viecelli
I willed this. Cold and pale and shamed
Under the churchyard lawn,
You lie, who were all spotless once,
A lily in the winds of dawn
And yet another poem for Katie
I start to feel that I have a sense of who Bertha P was. The thing about verse translation is that you have to try and inhabit the mind of the poet a bit, and that means a certain contact with the pain behind the words...

I walked the stations of your martyr's way
to the dark cross where you lay bound.
And every kiss of happier times
burned on your body like a wound.

I gave you poison from my heart,
I fed you strength that was my gall.
My soul cries out at its great work
At you, changed utterly. I fall

Down to my knees to worship you
And whip myself with loss.
You virgin with your whorish eyes,
I bound you to this cross.
This was the first one...
I linked to this a couple of weeks ago, when I posted it as a comment in
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I linked to this a couple of weeks ago, when I posted it as a comment in <lj-user="spacetart">'s journal. But I think it is probably the best of the three and it belongs here with the two new ones.

For my dark glamour, you will leave
Your home, and put to shame
You'll wander, cursed in men's eyes
A pauper with no name.

There's naught for us but hatred;
To blame us, men conspire.
Fat parsons preach against us.
We'll burn in Satan's firem

The fire you chose. Romance is
To leave your hearth and home
To bask in sleepy glances.

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