December 12th, 2003


Bandwagon time

There are a lot of people on my friends list that I don't actually know - I've friended some of you because random sweeps of your journals piqued my interest. I want to know more about all of you. And I had better go back and tell a whole bunch of you who I am, why I am here, and stuff like that.

Pimping a fandom many of you will never know....

Some of you share this obsession - and yes, I am talking about you, kitsune79, and you, dolores. Those of you who are in the US or elsewhere will probably never see it and some of the Brits just don't get it, or watched it before it became insane, or refuse to watch a show whose fandom includes HRH Elizabeth II by the Grace of God.

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And the interesting question has to be 'what does the Queen make of all this?' The concept of the Queen sitting around with her husband discussing the slashability of Phil Hunter or Sam Nixon is a deeply disturbing one.
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