May 2nd, 2004


The fogginess of war photographs and sunny days

After a slightly stressful and depressed week - no point in whinging about things now they have improved and when they were operative, I was too down - life has been distinctly improved by a very good lentil soup eaten over several days, and a beef and asparagus stirfry eaten this evening. And by the prospect of blueberries and yoghurt at some point in the next hour or so. Also, 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', the best film ever made with a title from Alexander Pope, and a long walk in Regents Park in the sunshine with culture_eater during which we discussed the state of the world, the price of housing and various artistic and critical projects.

- Oh, and the blueberries'n yoghurt were just as nice as I expected.-

Oh, and by a wonderful birthday dinner for Anna the other night, in the course of which I talked at length - ok, I monopolised, but he didn't mind - Anna's friend Kier who is just back from Papua New Guinea with the ability to discuss in fluent pidgin the bits of films that the villagers just did not automatically get. Things like lesbianism and non-sequential narrative. 'The Hours' did not go down at all well, though they love Xena - oh, and subtext not big in PNG either.

Lots of that in 'The Girl Next Door', which is not a very good movie, but probably deserves better than the automatic dismissal it got from most of the UK press. It is certainly interesting enough to get discussed in 'Teen Dreams', when I start to write it in a week or so.

The real point of posting though is the atrocity photographs and specifically the British ones. About which some thoughts. Collapse )

And if I am entirely wrong about all of this, it is still a good thriller plot for me or Adi to use.
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