May 14th, 2004


You know things have got out of hand when...

Last night, on The Bill, two of the characters one most wants to pair in femslash, Debbie MacAllister and Samantha Nixon, had a conversation in which, discussing third and fourth parties, the concept of UST came up. 'UST? What's that?', says much less het than she thinks she is Sam Nixon. 'Unrelieved Sexual Tension' purs bisexual bad girl Debbie, looking out from under her eyelashes and doing a cute thing with her mouth.

Of course, in the official plot, they are both involved with thoroughy untrustworthy Australian cop Kavanagh, but we can dream.

Meanwhile, a lot of manly glances between crooked Phil Hunter and obsessive Neil Manton as they conspire to prove Kavanagh guilty of something or other. For once, Phil is slashy with someone who is a> senior to him and b> not a psychotic ganglord.


Meanwhile, I think I have fallen into a new fandom. I am so terribly impressed by American QAF as lent me by minitrog, having previously assumed it to suffer from the curse of all other US remakes of British shows. Actually, and much as I love the UK version, American QAF is in lots of ways richer. And two more whole seasons for me to watch...