June 9th, 2004


Selena Ulrich

On reflection I am not friends locking this. If there is anyone who is on Selena's list and not mine, could people pass the word to them?

Selena developed mysterious bruises on Monday and started bleeding from e.g. gums and nose - her GP did tests and by Tuesday pm she was in Ermingham Ward, 4th Floor, Worthing Hospital, Lyndhurst Road Worthing BN11 2DH.

She has acute leukaemia - this is very serious but the prognosis is comparatively good as these things go. She has got one of the treatable forms and will be starting chemo on Friday.

I will be going to see her tomorrow - she won't be visitable during chemo because of lowered immunity - and then again towards the end of next week.

She probably won't be up to much phone conversation during chemo - here I am going on the form of other friends - but cards, flowers, books, discs would probably be welcome.

I'll post updates regularly - I've talked to her parents and they are keen to keep LJ folk briefed - and I will pass messages of support and love to her as often as she is up for being talked at.