July 31st, 2004


Finding stuff to say

My uncharacteristic silence is partly to do with ongoing blues about Selena and partly to do with my total hatred of hot weather. It isn't even as if I were snowed under with work or getting on with other projects - the new book hasn't really got started yet and fic ideas like the Willow/Illyria I started writing and the Dawn/Kennedy/Ilona I've plotted quite thoroughly just look grey in my head whenever I think of them.

Still, this will pass. I've got a big review to write this week - Spiderman 2 and I Robot for the TLS - which will get me on track. Energy will come back.

And I made good curries tonight - keema peas only with mangetout and bombay potatoes ( which I think I have finally got right by measuring in the chili as if it were plutonium and using lime basil ).

In the meantime, I find myself thinking on the omnipresence of God.

If He's everywhere, He's in the Big Brother House and should be nominated for eviction. I mean, He never takes part in conversations, never helps with the washing up, never contributes to the task. And His personality is nowhere near as winning as Dan or Nadia; He's like Ahmed only more boring or Michelle only more obsessive.

And I just love the idea of the post-eviction Davina interview. Davina saying 'You know God, this is where you went wrong' and showing Him clips of Him being omniscient in a corner. And telling Him that moving in mysterious ways really irritated the Sun.

And I love the idea of post-eviction God as a C-list celeb who has to hang out in Siberia in smart restaurants with Jade and Christopher Biggins...